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Young and the Restless [entries|friends|calendar]

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[02 Oct 2005|01:24pm]
[ mood | happy ]

It's 19th birthday.Last night was so much fun at school, all my friends were partying with him .Today was friend that went home for the weekend call me to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and my sister called from Toronto becasue she is there for school. On tuesday ging to get smashed at the school bar. Today I am going out for dinner with my friends from school. School starts tomorrow but going to bed home soon. I am 19 I am soo happy that I can go into the bars and not have to be the DD driver all the time now.Peace out Julie

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[03 Apr 2005|03:33pm]
Hey everyone I haven't post anything in a long time. In September I went to college in North Bay that is 4 and half hors from year. The best two months of school for me because school was not that hard in the beginning and that I had a boyfriend it was the best two months ever. The it went down hill for me because didn't have boyfriend anymore because he wanted to have sex and I didn't so I got rid of him. For Halloween I dressed up as Pipe long stale. it was a great night. I got my marks for school and they were really bad but this
semester I am doing better in my class. Then I went home for Christmas nothing special I got gifts and stuff. The came back here I week early because school didn't start until the 10 of January. When I got back to school it was second semester it second semester is easier than first semester. There were allot birthdays here at rez in February and March. I one weekend it was Mardi Gras it was so fun we had to wait in line for 1 hour because there was a line so large. Another weekend is riding cowboy night it was great because they just played country music. The weekend before it was Easter there was year ended last sideshow than me and Laura went back to my house and we got some drunks and than we went to the live back across from house and it was really got the drum was really hot than we went to the bar and no was there than allot of people came. This weekend was so great on Friday I went down to Laura house and we started to play drinking games cards games me and her got this Cody really drunk than went to take the bus to the bar and was really paced. The bar that night was so packed but I know allot of people and that was a great
night. Than last night there were allot of parties on rez and got really drunk than subbed up and than I was dancing with a really hot guy. Then I left at 3.00 in the morning to go back to my house and my whole house was sleeping and than I went to guys friend house and we watch movies to 6.00 in the morning. Next weekend there is going to be a rave here at the bar it is going to be some fun and allot of people are going to be on drugs that night. This it good times at college and living on your own.
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Haven't upadate lately [15 Aug 2004|09:39pm]
Hey People.

So what is new with everyone. I have been so busy this summer getting ready for school and working alot. I got to get alots more things for school. This summer I went to Wild Water working twice one time with my friend and the second time with people from my work and my sister. I have alots gone to the drive in and seen cinderella story is was really good. I have been doing things with my sister and babysitting my neighbour when I am not working. I am so scared to live on my own and meeting new people. I want to do more things this summer and the weather has really sucks this summer. Today at work at saw Any and Daisy and I talked to Amy for a little bite before I got to back to work. Maybe before the summer ends we should do something all together . Billy talent is coming to be college and I don't really like them. Did you guys get frosh week at your college or university. Is anyone going away this year or next year maybe my whole family is coming away next year. Has anyone been watching Big Brother 5 it is so good this year and the show the North Shore it is so interesting and funny. Hope everyone has a great week at college and university. I want to go to Port Dover this summer and go to the Peach Festival and go to the X in toronto this summer. I how everyone is having a great summer and enjoying them selves.
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[26 May 2004|06:34pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I hate when people leave you out of their plans and they said they would do things with you then they go and chance there plans and you are left out. Why do people do those things to people because they think it is alright to do that to another person. So now on I am going to hang out the people that do things with me and ask me too do things with me and don't change their plans and leave me out of things.

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Just want to say Hi! [04 May 2004|02:40pm]

I haven't up date lately and I wanted to say Hi. Since I got back from my trip from Dominican Republic I have alot of things that I had to do is do all of project and work alot and do things for my family and friends and haven't had alot of free time to my self. I am starting to work alot and getting alot of projects and grad it coming very fast and don't know what I am going to do. I haven't even got a dress. I maybe have a party at my house or go to someone house for grad after party since I am not going to niagara falls or wasaga. I am getting this ready for school when I move up north at the end of August. The trip that I went on my my mom and tracey was so much fun and we met alot of new people and I had the best time of my life. I still have my braids in and they are not even bugging me. Today I was so posed to go to the mass today and I did not go. Where is everyone seating at the brunch and the dinner dance. Here are so pictures of dominican republic: picture of Tracey with her hair in braids

This is a picture of me and tracey drinking with are friends that we met down on are trip

This is Kim acting funny


This us dance and singing with her friends that we meet down on are trip

This a picture of me Tracey and Susan.

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I Got in College [31 Mar 2004|04:47pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today in the mall I got a letter from niagara falls college and saying that I was accepted to their college. Then at 3.30 this afternoon the Cambrian college express mail and they said that I was also accepted to their college. I really want to go to North Bay college. Last night we and Tracey went shopping for clothes for a trip and then we got a bubble tease it was watermelon and it was not very good it teased like milk.

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[28 Mar 2004|05:56pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hey Everyone. I am going to dominican republic on April 8 to the 15 I am going with my mom and Tracey. It will be some much fun. I think I will have to go buy some clothes for my trip. I am so scared to go on a airplane. Are flight is 6.00 in the morning and we have to be there 3 hours before are flight. I am going to so tanned and I will have so much fun there.

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Haven't upadate lately [24 Mar 2004|07:00pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Hey everyone. What is new with you guys. In one week today I will find out if a got into a colleges that I applied too. I really want to go the canadore college it is in north bay. I hope everyone gets in college or university. What have you guess been up too. When I went to north bay my dad let me drive from barrie to north bay. So I heard that Disney on Ice was cool, thats good you had fun. So what are you guys doing for graduation. I heard that Shalya Scoot in renting some cabin condos at Blue Mountain and there is 8 people to a condo and you have to find your own way up there and back and you else need food and have to get it yourself also. Don't know who I am going to sit with a grad. Tracey said that I can sit with her and tanya that is so nice of them to ask me. Tracey said it will cost $50 a person for two nights. That is really cheap for two night in niagara falls. We can explore things on clifton avenue.My drama class is making a movie for the school and it will be lost of fun to do it. This year is coming to end to it. So I am be in college and have the time of my life. Who is everyone sitting with a grad night dinner. So has anyone got their grad dress yet. I sat Tracey dress and I really like it. Haven't even look for a dress. My mo was to go away fro Easter to Dominican Republic and I really want to go away. We should all doing something together. My sister best friend sister had a baby girl and named it Julie isn't that cool. My sister best friend mom passed away 8 years ago. She as be like a friend to me growing up.So talk to you later everyone.

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Downtown [02 Feb 2004|05:00pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today was so much fun! Today we went Downtown to Jackson sqaure and we we got there. We parked the car and then we were going into the elevator then the door sheet and tracey was all by herself on the 4th floor and me and tanya were on the 3th floor and we laugh so hard. Then we went into le chateau and we tried things on then I tried this black halter dress and it look nice on me. The we went shopping on the in the mall and looks like we were going around circles and then we went into this earth store it they have cools things. The we went to the asian part of the mall it was cool looking at their dress. Then we went ti eat lunch. I went Denningers for lunch then Tracey and Tanya went to Harveys for lunch. Then we got a smoothie. We say a funny back and the Coles. The we decide to go shopping on kings street. The we went to the Bank of montreal because I had to pay a bill. Then we went into this store on king street and there store is like the 70's with all lights and things on the walls and the floors. I loved this store. Then we were going to go in the another store but it was closed in 2.20 then we walked around until it opened. Then we went in to the store and we shopped around and Tanya tried on some hats and Tracey and I were looking for a long scarf but they didn't have one for me but thats ok. Then Tracey got on, then we went back to Jacskon Square and then we went in the Drug store and Tanya got some makeup and then tracey bought a camera. The we went back to the Book store and got a picture of the funny book. They we went back to Dennigers and I got a picture with me in it. Then we take some pictures of us. Then we looking to take back to the Eatons center. The we found the way back and then we went back to the car and take more pictures there. Then I drove Tanya and Tracey home then I went home. I got my seventeen magazines in the mail today and a college letter from St.Clair in Windsor. What I am going today tomorrow. Tanya have fun in Toronto. We should do this another time and we should have more people come with us. Talk to you guys later.

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Scared [13 Jan 2004|09:10pm]
[ mood | scared ]

Tomorrow is my grad pictures and I am really scared to go. I am getting my hair done by my hair stylist her names is renata. and then i am going to get my makeup done at visage in lime ridge mall.Erin has the same hair stylist as me isn't that cool. I have some many ISU due this week and next week. My religion ISU is due this friday and be english ISU is due the 23. And i have so much teck class work like to a big scrapbook that is worth 10% and i finally project that is worth 20% of my mark and and I have finally test in worth 10% too. I have so much to do this week and next week too.What is everyone doing this weekend we should all hangout or do something else. The big event is coming to copps coliseum is one week is the four continents that is when people come all over the world to figure skate. My parents and my sister are all helping out I can't help out because I am not 18 years old. But I get a vechile for the hole week. Then the next week is exams then we start new semester. I don't want to start next semester because new teachers never had before like mr. dinto, mrs. gomins and mrs.pajeck I am going to have a hard semester but I have one really class is drama. That class is so much fun to do. I have studying for exams because i study alot and when I do the exam i can't remember anything thats why I always do bad on exams but I really like to do projects in the year. What are you guys doing for march break lot of people are going to montreal for the break.

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School [09 Jan 2004|12:36pm]
I am in English class writing you this in the computer lab. This morning I wake up at 9.00 in the morning. Last night I watch ER the show it was a great show. Then I taped the Canadians champions in Edmontion the ladies and paris skated. It was finised at 12.30 in the morning but i didn't stay up to watch it. I got to school at 9.30 this morning. Second period was ok learing how to make java script web pages. I was trying to build this website but the code was not working. At third period I went home because i forget my religion project so I had to go home and get. Then i went to Tim Hortions and got a tea to drink. Now i am in english trying to find information for a project. The in religion class i have to present my project to the class but i hate present things to the class. Maybe I be going skating tonight with my friend charlene. Maybe we all can go see a movie saturday and see chasing liberty. My parents are going out saturday night and i maybe have a car to drive there. ANd sunday I have to finish tech project and english project too.
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Good Times [03 Jan 2004|10:26pm]
Today was a cool day because i got up at 10.30 and didn't know know thing then i decide i was going to drive to see my sister and her roommate.But first i called her two see if she was there and not doing anything. One of her romates was there the really hot one named, james he used to live in ancaster and went to st.marys i think. Then the three of use went shopping for grocery's and shopping it was so much fun to do that. Then we game home and eat lunch then we watch some poker on the tv. Then around 3.30 we went to niagra falls to walk around and see the falls. We did that nad took alot of pictures. The we decide to go to the ripley's moving theater and was so much fun doing that then we just walk around dor bit then we went out for dinner we went to east side mario's it was so much fun there just talking way and james is hot and cute he is easy to talk to you. Then we drove back to their house and talk for a bit and then i decide that i had to leave. so then i told my sister i was going then james gave me a huge and he said that tonight was so much fun. He thought I was older then my sister then he didn't belevie me that he was only a year old then me. The i drove home in the dark listen to sam roberts cd all the way home. I got home around 9.30 called my sister and told her that i got home, but james answer thte phone and we talk for a bit. He so nice and very ease to talk too.

Thats was soo much fun today trying news and meeting new people can getting to know them. Talking to him know on msn

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Tried [02 Jan 2004|08:56am]
I got up at 8.30 To get ready for the big event today is going to the Egg and I with all my friends. i have to do something with my hair and don't know what to wear. So I am going to leave you know and go watch while I am looking for something to wear today
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Happy New Year [01 Jan 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Last night was the most interesting night of my life. ME tracey and tanya made things like bubble tease they were really good. We had losts of things to eat and drink. We watch the movie how to deal with mandy moore in it. Then we started to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean but then it was new years and we called people house and we were playing the dutchie song it was really funny doing it. The we went to go back and watch the rest of the movie, but then we were tired and we went to bed then we got up in the morning we watch the rest of the movie and my dad made us breakfast.Then tanya got a call and she had to leave but then me and tracey eat then i drove her home and then I noticed tanya forget her glasses. Then the rest of the day I watch the movies like anything else I didn't like then watch the cowboys and angles I really like that movie. Then I did some homework and thats was my day

Hope everyone had a great New Year's and safe one


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